HSA Executive Board

The Home and School Association Executive Board (HSA) is comprised of its Executive Officers and Deacon Dominic:

Co- Chairpersons of the HSA Executive Board- Anthony Musacchio and Rob Edgerton

Responsible for supporting and managing the HSA Executive Officers, running school-wide parent meetings, overseeing volunteer-driven programs and acting as a liaison between the HSA and SMS School Board, SMS Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management and St. Mary Church.

Assessments Chairpersons- Alyson Durand  

Are responsible for tracking and monitoring family assessment obligations through their fundraising and volunteer activities.

Treasurer - Danielle O’Brien

Danielle is responsible for managing the HSA budget, assisting individual chairs with deposits and expense reimbursement and tracking year-to-year fundraising performance of the HSA.

Secretary - Britney Goodman

Responsible for HSA Board meeting agendas and minutes, HSA calendar of events and managing school-wide HSA communications.

Executive Board Member - Mickel Montano

Responsible for supporting and managing the chairs for each of the HSA fundraisers, assisting individual fundraiser chairs with obtaining volunteer and school support for fundraisers, recruiting event chairs and communicating with parents regarding upcoming events.

SMS Principal - Deacon Dominic Corraro

Deacon Dominic will advise the HSA Board on the school’s involvement in fundraisers and volunteer supported programs as well as the needs of the school.

Fundraising Event Chair - Kathleen Moran 

Responsible for supporting and managing the chairs for each of the HSA fundraisers, recruiting event chairs, and assisting individual fundraiser chairs.

Sponsorship Coordinator - Dennis Simone

Plan, assist, and secure tiered sponsorship for SMS HSA events and work with individual event chairs on sponsorship needs

Hospitality Committee: Jennifer Gerwien

Works with the school office to provide coordination, hosting, and volunteers for SMS based activities unrelated to fundraising