Is St. Mary School accredited?

Yes, SMS is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges until 2026.

What are the grade levels?

Prekindergarten (3 & 4 year olds) through grade 8.

Is there busing?

Yes, all Milford residents have busing available.

What are school hours?

7:50am – 2:30pm.

What are the prekindergarten hours?

Morning session for half-day 3-year-olds is 8:30 – 11:00, and the full-day 8:30am – 2:30pm.  Prekindergarten before-care begins at 7:30am.

What is the enrollment?

Total enrollment for 2023-24 school year is 400:  312 in K-8, and 88 in Prekindergarten!

Just two years ago, our total enrollment was 334, with K - 8 at 263 + Prekindergarten at 71.

Is there a school Nurse?

Yes, we have a full-time nurse who is designated to us from the Milford Health Department. We also have a part-time school therapist on staff.

What about teacher qualifications?

We have 21 full time teachers and 17 part time teachers (including specials & aides).  All members of the professional staff are either certified or what the State considers to be the equivalent of certified, and most have advanced degrees.  All have been approved by the Archdiocese of Hartford and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  All staff members have gone through background checks and full-time teachers receive ongoing professional development.

Is there a dress code?

There is a school uniform.  As students’ progress through the grades they change slightly.  Different versions are worn by the prekindergarten, kindergarten–grade 5, grades 6–7, and 8th grade students.  There is also a gym uniform that everyone wears on gym day.

How are the test scores?

Saint Mary students in grades 1-8 are administered the NWEA Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment each fall, winter and spring.  MAP is an adaptive assessment which measures growth rather than simply end of year achievement.  Results are immediate and accurate, allowing teachers to identify the strength and growth opportunities for each child in their classrooms to inform instruction.

2022-2023 NWEA MAP results indicate that the majority of our students are scoring well above the National Norm Grade Level Mean in Reading, Language Usage and Mathematics.

What is the pupil to teacher ratio?

The average ratio in K-8 is 17 to 1, and 9 to 1 in our prekindergarten.

What are the classes offered?

Besides the regular subjects of religion, language arts, math, science and social studies, the students also have art, music, foreign language (Spanish), STREAM, and physical education.  The students receive health education as well as substance abuse and violence resistance education.  Family Life is integrated with the Religion curriculum.

What technologies are used?

We are a one-to-one device school, with each student assigned a device at the outset of the year to use in school.  Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, Chromebooks and iPads.

Do you have to be a Catholic to attend SMS?

No, all religious affiliations are welcome.

What towns do you attract students from?

We have students currently enrolled from 18 towns including Orange, Woodbridge, Bethany, West Haven, Derby, New Haven, Hamden, North Branford, Easton, Oxford, Ansonia, Shelton, Stratford, Seymour, Trumbull, Guilford, Fairfield, and of course Milford.

Do the students go to church?

Yes, our students celebrate monthly Mass and prayer services.

How do graduates fare?

Virtually all graduates are accepted into the high school of their choice.  For the 2023 graduates, they went on to attend local public and technical schools, as well as Sacred Heart Academy, Notre Dame High School in West Haven, Fairfield Prep, Lauralton Hall, Cheshire Academy, and Avon Old Farms.  Most achieve honor status in the first semester of high school.  Schools consistently report our students as being well prepared for the rigors of secondary education.

Is there an extended day program?

Our aftercare program is offered each school day for all St. Mary students, prekindergarten - grade 8, from dismissal until 5:30pm for a fee each day.  Students can use this as often or as little as they like, and use a form to sign up. Students do their homework, have a snack, receive extra help and tutoring for our older grades, and play outdoors (weather permitting). Our after-school program is staffed by SMS faculty and staff costs $20 per student per day or $35 per family per day. There is a before care program for all registered prekindergarten students that begins at 7:30am.

Is there financial aid?

Yes, tuition assistance is available. Last year, over $30,000 in tuition assistance was awarded.

Is there a kindergarten entry age requirement?

Beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, in order to be considered for acceptance into kindergarten, a child must turn 5 by September 1st of that school year.

What is done on campus for security?

Under the guidance of the Milford Police & Fire Departments, as well as a private security consultant, and monitored by our safety committee, our school works vigorously to maintain a safe learning environment.  New door locks, closed circuit television, two way radios, practice drills, and ongoing training are just some of the steps being taken.  All school entrances are locked until 5:30pm with a call box and video surveillance, and all staff must wear identification badges and use pass keys. For the 2023-2024 school year, almost $100,000 in additional safety measures was invested into our school.

Is there a requirement for entry into grades 1 - 8?

A student must have successfully completed the previous level at a recognized educational institution and be judged to be academically, socially and behaviorally prepared to enter the school of the particular grade level.  Assessments are administered as determined by our Director of Instructional Support.

An application must be submitted, and school records (for students entering grades 1-8) must be received and reviewed.  Our Director of Marketing and Enrollment will then be in touch with families regarding the next steps of the application process.

Is there help available for students with educational or other difficulties?

  • St. Mary School employs a Certified Special Educator in the Learning Resource Center for the purpose of assessing students’ academic needs and assisting classroom teachers in the development of behavioral and academic strategies.  This teacher also provides direct academic, behavioral and executive functioning support to individual students and small groups from the preschool level through grade 8.
  • Should a referral to Special Education be made by a teacher or parent, all St. Mary students have the right to a Planning and Placement Team Meeting.  Milford Public Schools’ are responsible for conducting initial and/or re-evaluations. The Learning Resource Teacher will collaborate with the classroom teacher to be sure the process for gathering data and documenting strategies is carried out in an efficient manner, one which will be beneficial to the student, in terms of goals, supports, and services.
  • The Learning Resource Teacher will also work with a Special Educator assigned to St. Mary’s by the MPS to assist with the delivery of service and focus on specific goals mandated by an IEP, or Service Plan. Individual needs, as well as any extra service that the public schools may not be able to provide, will be accommodated to further help the student’s progress.
  • Identification of students that may qualify for Speech and/or Language services is completed through the Planning and Placement Team process, and a Speech Language Pathologist is provided by the MPS.

Will teachers tell the parents if they notice any educational or likewise difficulties?

Teachers’ observations will most certainly be shared with parents. Open lines of communication are always welcome and, in some cases, parents may notice academic or other difficulties first.  Parents are encouraged to share their observations with teachers.

Why parents choose Saint Mary School?

Studies show that parents place their children in St. Mary School:

  • for a secure and safe environment with a supportive family atmosphere.
  • for gentle yet firm discipline.
  • for superior, challenging academics.
  • for the integration of faith into the total school environment.