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Stacey Simeone

School Therapist

Hello SMS families, I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist and I will be taking on the role as the mental health clinician at St. Mary school this school year. I’d like to take this time to give you some background on who I am, what I do as an MFT and what you can expect from me this school year.

Some of you might recognize me as “Miss Stacey” from the Gingerbread House in downtown Milford. I left my pre-k 3 position to be home with my son and to pursue my new career. I received my master’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University in the spring of 2019 and have been working as a per diem program therapist at an adolescent outpatient and residential eating disorder facility. So, what is a therapist? I am a healer, a listener, I have non-biased opinions, I am all about maintaining a judgment free zone and I create a safe space for people to express themselves authentically. I encourage, empower and motivate. I provide support to anyone who is looking to reconcile conflict, whether it is related to family, a relationship with a significant other, a friend or within themselves. I have had the opportunity to treat a diverse group of people, from married couples, to families, individuals, those who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD and all kinds of trauma.

COVID-19 has created an immeasurable amount of uncertainty across our nation.  Anxiety is high, not only for you as the parent, but possibly for your child, as well. The return to school might feel scary and intimidating. Some of you might question if you’ve made the right decision to send your child to school at this time. I am here to assure you that no matter the decision you have made, whether it be to physically attend school, or distance learn,via live stream, you have made a very difficult and courageous choice and I commend you for that.

My goal for this school year is to be of constant support to your children, as they adjust to new school Covid protocol. My hope is to build rapport with each child, building their trust, so that they will feel comfortable seeking my help and I hope to do the same with you as their parent. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if your child is showing signs of feeling overwhelmed, anxiousness, depression or has expressed ideas of self-harm or suicidal ideation.

I am passionate about children and educating them on the importance of mental health. I am confident that by creating this therapeutic program, it will allow us to come together as a school community and promote just how significant mental health is. I look forward to using my training to spread positivity and teach everyone how to work towards and maintain long lasting healthy behaviors. Deacon Corraro will work with me, as well to provide faith-based advice in addition to my counseling with the goal to develop both the heart and mind.

I am so excited to join St. Mary School, to continue to grow and learn with your families as your school therapist.