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Gina L DeFeo

Class of 2006

Where do you currently live?

Milford, CT.

What is your current job/year in school?

Global Marketing Assistant Project Manager, at Edgewell in Shelton.

What was your educational path after graduating from St. Mary School?

Lauralton Hall, Class of 2010, Sacred Heart University, Class of 2014.

How do you feel SMS prepared you academically?

SMS prepared me academically with the small class sizes and a lot of 1 on 1 student-teacher time. I personally believe smaller classrooms with teachers that care make it easier to identify when children are struggling.

Do you feel SMS provided you with a foundation for your future?

Absolutely. SMS taught me how to be respectful of others, manners, things that you would learn from your parents. Instead of providing children only an education, they also provide morals and virtue, which make a well-rounded person and prepares you for the real world.

What are some of your favorite memories of SMS?

I loved playing four square with my friends during recess, singing in the choir, and most of all being chosen by Miss Bartolome in 8th grade to perform a dance for May Crowning.

What are your plans for the future?

To hopefully move up in my company and save enough money to open my own business, a beauty salon. And get married of course.

What advice can you give to our students?

To be appreciative to their parents for sending them an amazing school that will one day make them flourish into a kind, smart, and compassionate person.