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S – Spanish

Señor Bonessi

Tarea (Homework)

8th Grade:

• Wed. Apr. 26: Revisions/corrections for additional points

• Due Mon. Apr. 24: 

Please watch the following videos and take detailed notes on the rules regarding the use of “Ser” and “Estar”. Pay special attention to the helpful acronyms: “D.O.C.T.O.R.” and “P.L.A.C.E.”. When you finish the videos please read the guide on SpanishDict and complete the quiz (links below) and print your results or take a screenshot and email it to meI will collect these after we go further in-depth on Monday.



• Due at end of 3nd Trimester:

Personal Dictionary Vocabulario – *UPDATED 4/18*

7th Grade:

• Thurs. Apr. 27: Worksheets

¿Qué te gusta llevar? (Click for GoogleDoc)

6th Grade:

Thurs. Apr. 27: Worksheet


Accion de Gracia y Padre Nuestro (Grace & Our Father) Lines of each Prayer en Español