Saint Mary School|Milford, CT | Main Photo Gallery
Find photos from recent Saint Mary School community, school, sports, and art events.
Saint Mary School Milford Photo Gallery, St. Mary School Photos
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Main Photo Gallery

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Easter Mass 2017

2017 SMS Basketball Tournament Winners

43rd Annual Basketball Teams

25th Annual Father Seggel Free Throw Contest

2017 Ray Fitzpatrick Sportsmanship Award Recipients

Catholic Schools Week STEM Day 2017

Catholic Schools Week Buddy Day 2017

Father Daughter Dance 2017

2nd Grade’s First Reconciliation – 2017

Christmas Mass

Christmas Musical Presentation

Movie Night with Our Cadettes

The Jungle Book by Pantochino Productions

Thanksgiving Service 2016 by the 5th Graders

6th Graders – 2016

Preschool Thanksgiving Celebration

Veteran’s Day Mass

5th Grade at the Yale Art Gallery

Make a Difference Day 2016

Carnival 2016

First Day of School 2016

SMS Preschool Camp


Daises and Brownies

Daises and Brownies18

Field Day

Field Day8

Kindergarten Celebration

kindergarten celebration45

Graduation 2016

graduation 201684

Golf Tournament 2016

Golf Tournament 201631

Grandparent Day Portraits 

grandparent day portraits36

Sprint & Grandparents Day 2016- Album 1

Sprint _ Grandparents Day 2016 - Album 145

Sprint & Grandparents Day 2016- Album 2

Sprint _ Grandparents Day 2016 - Album 238

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion39

Pez Field Trip

PEZ Field Trip10

Polo Fridays

Polo Fridays3

Personality Portrait Day 

Personality Portrait Day2

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St.Patrick's Day Parade6

Basketball Team Photos

Basketball Team Photos9

42nd Annual Basketball Tournament

42nd Annual Basketball Tournament68

Open House 2016

Open House 201613

Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance149

Character Day 

Character Day12

Reconciliation 2016

Reconciliation 201616

Science at SMS

Science at SMS5

Girl Scout Trip to NYC

Girl Scout trip to NYC17

Christmas Music Concert

Christmas Music Concert44

Grade 4 Christmas Prayer Service 

Grade 4 Christmas Prayer Service45

Third Grade Christmas Caroling About Town & Milford City Hall

Third Grade Christmas Caroling About Town _ Milford City Hall1

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa10

KOC Christmas Tree Festival

KOC Christmas Tree Festival2

Thanksgiving Prayer Service

Thanksgiving Prayer Service17

SMS Broadway Star Drama Club

SMS Broadway Stars Drama Club37

6th Grade Reading Group 

6th Grade Reading Group7

2nd Grade Surgeons

2nd Grade Surgeons14

After School Arts & Crafts 

After School Arts _ Crafts14

Veteran Day 2015

Veterans Day38

Halloween 2015

Halloween 201566

Historical Society Field Trip

Historical Society Field Trip7

First Day of School 2015

First Day of School