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Drama Club

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Every artist has a medium of expression. While the painter has his oils & brushes and the musician his instrument, the actor’s medium is himself! To do well in this art, the actor must have his mind & body working together, coordinated, sensitive and pliable. This is what dramatic training helps develop. The culmination of all the activities involved in this drama program is vital to your overall development as an actor, so absenteeism is strongly discouraged. A few weeks into the program, everyone will audition for and win a part in our theatrical presentation at the end of the school year. Once play rehearsals begin, it is also very important that everyone be at class on time.

St. Mary’s Drama Club begins again on January 11, 2016.  Sign up notices will be distributed in December to all students in grades 5-8. Registration will be on a first come/first serve basis, so mark your calendar to sign up during the first week of January!

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Last year’s production of CLUE was fun and memorable for the cast and the audiences. CLUE is a zany murder-mystery based on the classic board game and Hollywood film! Lead roles as the dinner guests/hosts were played by: Clare Bassano, Rory Woods, Claire Koppy, Thomas Griffin, Morgan Bisecco, Lily Bryant and Brenna Connoly.


Last year’s show marked the 20th drama club production under the direction of acting coach, Lisa Lelas, here at St. Mary’s school. Assistant director was her daughter, Lexy Lelas.


Drama club runs from January through May of each year, on Monday afternoons, with two final on-stage productions held on the Monday before Memorial Day. For more information: or email: