Saint Mary School|Milford, CT | Brick Walk
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Brick Walk

2015-2016 Brick Walk Donors

Paul Alogna

Alogna Family Layla, Cole, Everett


Elizabeth Baird

Baird Family

         Grace, Lily

Robbie & Henry


Chris Boyle

The Boyle Family


April Bryant

We love & miss

Rose & Dom

Mangone 2016


April and Rick Bryant

LOVE & MISS U “Poppy” Bryant Family


Karen Christensen

Declan, Finn, Caenan & Nola Macauley


Jorie Cogguillo

St. Mary School Class of 2015


Julie DeProfio

Cate DeProfio, Class of 2016


Jeffery Grande

The Grande Family


Kristine Heslin (2 bricks)

Colton Heslin, Class of 2023

        Katelyn Heslin, Class of 2018


Kopchak Family

            Andrew and Mildred Kopchak


William Lecuyer

In memory of R. Graziano, A. Lecuyer


Ron Lombard and Ana Maria Tamayo

Prayers for

Momma Ange L.

Ayden Tamayo


Richard McNabb

Miss U SMS

Love Chloe & Zac McNabb


Barbara Mazzonna

In memory of Anthony and Nancy Mazzonna


Joan Murphy

Ava Lynn Unger


Mr. amd Mrs. Leonard Napoli

The Spirit of Play Declan Donoghue 2015


Peter and Amanda Parks

In memory of Dalton Young Parks Family


Dawn Puvogel

Avery Andrews

Class of 2016


Janet Phillips


Shannon 01

Sean 03


Deacon Edmund and Andrea Ramos

We love you Jazmyn, Edyn, Aaliyah


Raslavksy Family

Mr. and Mrs. Raslavsky


John and Linda Roney

The Roney and Grzyb Family


James and Michelle Shannon

Hopey’s Grandma and Da 2015


Garry Sheppard

Carlie Simard


            Nana Pa 2016


Marcel, Denese and Nathan Slowly

We Love You

Auntie Sarah

The Slowly Family


Mackenzie Smith

The Coyle Family 2016


Sharon Wolfe

In Memory of Carolyn Pisko


Saint Mary Boy Scout Troop 721

SMS Eagle Scout

Ken Maraczi 07

Win Smith, III 07


SMS Eagle Scout

Colin Dunn 08

Mark Savo 08


SMS Eagle Scout

Topalian 08

Mike Casey, Jr. 08


SMS Eagle Scout

Brian Cimbark 08

De Gennaro 08


SMS Eagle Scout

Greg Hewston 09

Cummings 09


SMS Eagle Scout

Matt Iovine 09

Bonnanzio 09


SMS Eagle Scout

Josh Williston 09

Jack Patrick 09

SMS Eagle Scout

Kendal Reed 10

Brian Casey 10


SMS Eagle Scout

Colin Marin 10

Aaron Schwabacher 11


SMS Eagle Scout

Hewston 11

Patrick Keefe 11


SMS Eagle Scout

TJ Meehan 11

Hultgren 12


SMS Eagle Scout

AJ Piselli, Jr. 12

Cole Nelson 13


SMS Eagle Scout

Conlan Rose 13

Adam Schwabacher 13


SMS Eagle Scout

Robert Keefe 13

John Casey, III 13


SMS Eagle Scout

Dan Hackenjos 13

Richardson 15


SMS Eagle Scout

Lucas Farrell 15

McCarthy 15


SMS Eagle Scout

Jake Ramadon 16

Jaden Esse 16

2014-15 Brick Walk Donors

Matthew Bassano: Clare Bassano Class of 2015

Mrs. V. E. Benjamin: O.W. Benjamin

Judy and Richard Bryant: Helen and Ray Bryant

Pete Cavallaro Class 1973: Friends Gone Not Forgotten

Chrystine Cody:

  • Michael Cody Class of 1987
  • Patrick Cody Class of 2015,
  • Margaret Cody Class of 2018

Laura DeFeo: God Bless Michael Uchio

Rev. Aidan N. Donahue:

  • In memoriam Sr. Rita Lamy
  • In memoriam Sr. Jane McGurkin
  • In memoriam Rev. Joseph F. Gorman
  • Rev. Dennis F. Moran Pastor 1931-1967
  • Rev. Joseph H. Collonan Pastor 1968-74
  • Rev. Francis J. Seggel Pastor 1980-93
  • Rev. James J. Cronin Pastor 1994-2012

Pamela and Michael Gartland: In memory of Robert W. Daly by Pam + Mike

John Huggard: Grandkids are Life’s Reward

John & Luz Carmen & Giovanna Lupoli: Griffin Joseph 2013 Thomas 2015

Vincent Luzietti; State Champs! 2013 and 2015 Ace Luzietti

Henry Luzzi: Nanny Poppy Luzzi for Jack Ryan

Maureen Nassef: Keely Grace McCarthy SMS’11 LH’15

Todd Nichols: Nichols Family

Linda Ouillette: Mrs. Jean Trankovich 1938-2014

Carrie Philbrick: Class of 1973 40th Reunion May 25, 2013 

Tom Rosati: Thomas Rosati Class of 2015 SMS #5

SMS 2nd Grade Class: Minna Fletcher In Our Hearts

The St. Mary School Staff:  Betty Nelson for 30 years of teaching us

The St. Mary School Staff: Ms. Wandelear for 44 years of Dedication

Lisa Schaefer: In loving memory of Tony Latella

Mari and Dan Shields: In honor of Jose and Juana Flores

William Smillie:

  • God Bless all the Dedicated of Saint Mary
  • The Smillie Family

Karen Vital: Lucas & Delia Vital

2013-14 Brick Walk Donors

Thank you for helping us pave the way to making St. Mary School even better!

Here are the St. Mary School Commemorative Brick Walk Donors from 2013-14.

Jonathan Baumgart

Jonathan 1996 and Julie 2005

Rick and April Bryant

We Love You Julia Rose Bryant SMS ’14

Patricia and Joseph Connolly

Brian Connolly Family 2013

Katherine and Trevor Doyle

Jackson and Faith Doyle

Gentallan Family

Justin and Jovani Gentallan

Christina George

Nana Loves U Julia Bryant Class of 2014

Jeffery Grande

The Grande Family

Heather McCollum

In Loving Memory of Gus N. Chanaca

Elizabeth Neeley

Ashley Neeley Class of 2014

Brian and Kim Nickolenko

Abby and Tyler Nickolenko

The Paine Family


Frank and Christine Paine

Katherine Grace Paine Class of 2014

Frank and Christine Paine

Frank David Paine Class of 2014

Wendy Petrillo

In Memory of Sister Amabilis

Wendy Petrillo

In Honor of the Class of 1980

Mary Savoie

Marc Savoie Forever In Our Hearts

The Semrau Family

Sadie Semrau Class of 2014

BJ and Kelly Stevenson

Stevenson Baranowskas Steeves

Robert and Ilon Vitti

In memory of Bruno and Stella Peruzzi

Sharon Wolfe

The Wolfe Family

Amani Zabski

Jake Zabski, Class of 2014