Saint Mary School|Milford, CT | 1 – Mrs. Doyle
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1 – Mrs. Doyle

Grade 1 Supply List


Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Sharing and Computer Lab

Thursday- Art and Library 12:45-1:25

Friday- Spanish

March 20th- March 24th:

Happy Spring!  We will read the fairytale Cinderella this week and talk about the main idea of stories and work with -ea pattern.  We will add endins such as -ed, -er, and plural -es to words.  We will work on writing invitations and continue to identify and use adjectives in our reading and writing.  In Math we will finish our chapter on making and reading graphs and take our chapter test.  We will continue to measure objects and begin to tell time.  As we become more prayerful during this Lenten season we will begin to learn the rosary and pray more together as a class following what we learn.

Spelling: eat, team, treat, lean, sea, please, beach, each, dream, clean, draw, colors, great, sign, show, over, drew.

Amazing words: original, imagination, delightful, sighed, royal, peer, tangle, carve.

Spelling test Friday.

Wednesday– Personality pictures.  Please see Mr. Lacerenza’s email regarding directives for this day.  Basically a dress down, no obligation to purchase any packages.


Take Home books– We will make books throughout the year.  Please have your child practice read it for homework the night it comes home, sign it and return it the next day.  It is good practice for them, each might be working on different skills and we will build our fluency and tone as readers.

Thank you for all you do!!