Saint Mary School|Milford, CT | 1 – Mrs. Doyle
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1 – Mrs. Doyle

Grade 1 Supply List


Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Sharing and Computer Lab

Thursday- Art

Friday- Spanish

June 5th- June 9th:

This week marks our last FULL week of school, hard to believe with this weather!  We will finish our last story, The Stone Garden and identify the theme throughout our weekly readings.  We will can see what is possible when someone has a new idea, or different way of thinking about something.  The patterns for this week include prefixes un- and re-, and long vowels o and i. We will also identify prepositions and prepositional phrases which show the relationship between a noun and pronoun and often answer who?, where?, or how?  Examples include: to, on, from, of and with, after, down, near, on, at, etc.   As we get ready for our beach trip, which will hopefully be sometime this week, we will read about sea life and get ready for summer vacation:)

LAST SPELLING TEST- Friday, June 9th!!!

Spelling words: unhappy, undo, undress, rewind, refill, repay, retell, untie, unkind, reopen, answered, different, carry, poor.

Amazing words: soar, exclaim, accomplish, glider, doubt, unmanned, original.

BEACH TRIP– now set for Wednesday, June 6th.  If we need to move it to another day because of rain, it will likely be Thursday or Friday.  We will keep you posted via email as soon as decisions are made.

Friday, June 9th: Last spelling test


Take Home books– We will make books throughout the year.  Please have your child practice read it for homework the night it comes home, sign it and return it the next day.  It is good practice for them, each might be working on different skills and we will build our fluency and tone as readers.

Thank you for all you do!!